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Two-Photon Photoexcited Photodynamic Therapy with Water-Soluble Fullerenol Serving as the Highly Effective Two-Photon Photosensitizer Against Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria


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Background:#nbsp;Multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacterial strain is a serious medical problem. Methicillin-resistant#nbsp;Staphylococcus aureus#nbsp;(MRSA) is resistant to many antibiotics and is often associated with several diseases such as arthritis, osteomyelitis, and endocarditis. The development of an alternative treatment for eliminating MDR bacteria such as MRSA has attracted a considerable amount of research attention. Moreover, the development of a material for highly efficient generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) involving two-photon photodynamic therapy (PDT) is currently desirable.

Materials#nbsp;and#nbsp;methods:#nbsp;We present an example demonstrating that the use of water-soluble C60(OH)30#nbsp;fullerenol with a 0.89 singlet oxygen quantum yield serving as a photosensitizer in PDT has the superior ability in effectively generating ROS.

Results:#nbsp;It has ultra-low energy (228.80 nJ pixel-1) and can perform 900 scans under two-photon excitation (TPE) in the near-infrared region (760 nm) to completely eliminate the MDR species. Furthermore, the favorable two-photon properties are absorption of approximately 760 nm in wavelength, absolute cross-section of approximately 1187.50 Göeppert-Mayer units, lifetime of 6.640 ns, ratio of radiative to nonradiative decay rates of approximately 0.053, and two-photon stability under TPE.

Conclusion:#nbsp;This enabled water-soluble C60(OH)30#nbsp;fullerenol to act as a promising two-photon photosensitizer proceeding with PDT to easily eliminate MDR species.

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