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Toxicity and Antioxidant Activity of Fullerenol C60,70 with Low Number of Oxygen Substituents


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Fullerene is a nanosized carbon structure with potential drug delivery applications. We studied the bioeffects of a water-soluble fullerene derivative, fullerenol, with 10-12 oxygen groups (F10-12); its structure was characterized by IR and XPS spectroscopy. A bioluminescent enzyme system was used to study toxic and antioxidant effects of F10-12 at the enzymatic level. Antioxidant characteristics of F10-12 were revealed in model solutions of organic and inorganic oxidizers. Low-concentration activation of bioluminescence was validated statistically in oxidizer solutions. Toxic and antioxidant characteristics of F10-12 were compared to those of homologous fullerenols with a higher number of oxygen groups:F24-28 and F40-42. No simple dependency was found between the toxic/antioxidant characteristics and the number of oxygen groups on the fullerene’s carbon cage. Lower toxicity and higher antioxidant activity of F24-28 were identified and presumptively attributed to its higher solubility. An active role of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the bioeffects of F10-12 was demonstrated. Correlations between toxic/antioxidant characteristics of F10-12 and ROS content were evaluated. Toxic and antioxidant effects were related to the decrease in ROS content in the enzyme solutions. Our results reveal a complexity of ROS effects in the enzymatic assay system.

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