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Fullerenol C₆₀(OH)₃₆ could associate to band 3 protein of human erythrocyte membranes


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The present study was aimed at investigating the effect of fullerenol C60(OH)36 on chosen parameters of the human erythrocyte membrane and the preliminary estimation of the properties of fullerenol as a potential linking agent transferring the compounds (e.g., anticancer drugs) into the membrane of erythrocytes. The results obtained in this study confirm the impact of fullerenol on erythrocyte cytoskeletal transmembrane proteins, particularly on the band 3 protein. The presence of fullerenol in each of the concentrations used prevented degradation of the band 3 protein. The results show that changes in the morphology of red blood cells caused by high concentrations of fullerenol (up to 150mg/L) did not lead to increased red blood cell hemolysis or the leakage of potassium. Moreover, fullerenol slightly prevented hemolysis and potassium efflux. The protective effect of fullerenol at the concentration of 150mg/L was 20.3%, and similar results were obtained for the efflux of potassium. The study shows that fullerenol slightly changed the morphology of the cells and, therefore, altered the intracellular organization of erythrocytes through the association with cytoskeletal proteins.

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