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Biofullerene for Longer Life

A modern, safe remedy for prolonging youth and giving strength to your body
Buy it from $29 / Bottle
Neutral taste and smell
Water based product
Positive impact on energy systems
Increased resistance of membrane cells
Increased adaptogenic effect
Elimination of free radicals
Is a zero-calories supplement
studies prove the effectiveness of Fullerenol
Strongest antioxidant on Earth
The water-soluble fullerene molecule is the strongest antioxidant in the world and has a positive effect on many body systems
stronger than Vitamin C
Increased life expectancy*
Key effects
Antioxidant, anti inflammation, neuroprotection
Mechanism of action
Mimics the action of superoxide dismutase, the cellular master antioxidant
Maximum positive impact on your body
Combats inflammation
Prevents diseases
Combats chronic diseases
Beneficial effects on the skin
In other words, it regulates the number of free radicals and thereby gives the body the opportunity to mobilize its own protective functions to counter various diseases and slow down the aging process.
Once in a living organism, the water-soluble fullerene C60 causes excess free radicals, in particular aggressive forms of oxygen (ROS) and the products of the biomolecules oxidation, to self-destruct.

Moreover, it does not affect the minimum of free radicals that are vital for the normal functioning of the bodies biological systems.
Tested and proven
Laboratory, preclinical and clinical trials of water-soluble fullerene were conducted, hundreds of positive results were published. We want to introduce some of them.*
Even in ultra-low doses, fullerenol exhibits a wide range of biological effects due to the structuring of water around itself and the formation of a fullerene-water cluster with unique antioxidant activity; it can act as a catalyst for the self-neutralization of superoxide radicals with the participation of water molecules.

Fullerenol has a wide spectrum of antiviral activity against a number of topical influenza viruses, including the 2009 pandemic virus A (H1N1) v and avian influenza A (H5N1) virus, herpes, adeno- and PC viruses. At the same time, the non-toxicity of these compounds for cells of various tissue origin was demonstrated, and the presence of 18-24 hydroxyl groups in the fullerenol molecule is optimal for the manifestation of antiviral activity. At the same time, it is fullerenol C60 (OH) 24 that showed a comparable, and in some cases more pronounced virucidal effect compared to other drugs.
Fullerene works in the same way as a catalytic converter of exhaust gases in a car; it "burns" free radicals on its surface without changing itself, and thereby purifies the internal environment of the body. Due to this, even microdoses of fullerene (fractions of a percent) act as effectively as dozens of times larger doses of other antioxidants.

Fullerene derivatives with OH groups prevent ischemia (poisoning due to lack of oxygen), which is caused by a sharp increase in ROS during tissue energy depletion. In vivo, experiments have shown that C60 (OH) 24 fullerenols have antiproliferative properties (inhibit cell multiplication) and, due to their ability to attach free radicals, prevent the cytotoxic effects of the use of doxorubicin used in cancer chemotherapy
We control all stages of the synthesis and analyze products from each batch, so you get the cleanest BIO.
The methods of synthesis and purification of fullerenol developed by us exclude the use of any substances other than distilled water. Thanks to this, you get a pure product, which includes only c60 molecules and water.
BIO presents an improved perspective on fullerene infuzed supplements
Helps regulate the necessary daily intake of clean water
Gluten, wheat, olive oil and dairy free
Suitable for vegans
Easy to use
Non-allergenic, non-toxic, non-immunogenic
Allergy free
Provides a proven positive effect on the body
Why the Experts Choose BIO
Production process, method
Our company has been manufacturing carbon nanomaterials since 2015. It is then that we learned about fullerene and began to produce it in our laboratory. Our company truly believes in its unique properties as we interact with C60 and its derivatives every day.

By creating our own product, we have implemented all the achievements of modern science and research of scientists around the world. Most importantly, BIOFULLERENE does not purchase raw materials and does not depend on suppliers. We manufacture fullerene ourselves, from which we obtain fullerenol and subsequently BIOFULLERENE Water. Fullerene of our production is a product of the highest quality with a purity of 99.999%.

This fact enables us to strictly control all stages of production from the very beginning. We have our own 1000 m2 facility and a research laboratory, where scientists, who have been researching the C60 for many years and who are the authors of scientific research papers on this topic, work on monitoring and improving the manufacturing process. By combining a scientific approach and modern equipment, we have achieved a safe and effective formula. Our product does not change from batch to batch, it always meets the standard, the development of which took us almost two years. We do not hide, but on the contrary, we reveal the content of fullerenol in each bottle so that you know exactly what enters your body and what effect it has. Our product is original. We completely control the entire production process and rely exclusively on scientific research. "Water" is not marketed under any other brand or label. We cherish our name, the name of our scientists and their work. Therefore, we suggest you try BIOFULLERENE and see the quality of our work right now.

Quality control
BIOFULLERENE strictly controls all stages of "Water" production. We do not purchase raw materials, but produce fullerene and fullerenol for our product ourselves. The complex of purification methods and control of the sample composition used by the BIOFULLERENE laboratory allows to obtain the most pure and biologically safe fullerenols. The set of mandatory measures includes FTIR and UV spectrometry, 13C-NMR spectroscopy, X-ray phase analysis, thermogravimetry and quantitative analysis of organic solvent impurities by HPLC and GCMS methods.

For the preparation of fullerenol solutions, we use deionized distilled water with a resistance of at least 5 MΩ * cm3. The water is also analyzed for solutes.

As a result, we can guarantee the quality of our product, complete safety and efficiency based on research from leading scientific universities around the world.

The quality of the product, its dosage and content
BIOFULLERENE WATER is a product for which we have completely revised the process of fullerene production and fullerenol synthesis. We have created a new technology, a next generation product, the birth of which is associated with technical and scientific progress. We do not use solvents and other toxic impurities in the production process, we control all stages of the process from start to finish and test each batch in an independent laboratory. This lets us confidently claim the quality of "Water" and its safety. When, in the studies of various scientists around the world, we see how the quality of the product changes from batch to batch, how the final composition changes, we are horrified. We make the entire production process of "Water" completely transparent so that you can get only the positive effects that pure C60 provides.

The dosage and content of the active ingredient in "Water" has been derived from research that has been conducted over the past 13 years by scientists and researchers from all over the world. We have analyzed over 250 articles that refer to fullerenol and its effects from the past 13 years. Based on this information, we launched our own research and developed a new synthesis technology that excludes the use of solvents and other harmful impurities. Based on the opinions of scientists, we have identified the optimal concentration of the substance, the main factor of which is safety. The complete absence of toxicity, confirmed in a number of studies, was compared with the most effective concentration for the human body, the one at which the positive effect is greatest. We found hundreds of studies, that you can see on our website under the Research section, confirming the safest and the most effective concentration.

According to the experimental research, the maximum antioxidant activity is achieved at a concentration of 0.0001 mg/ml for C60(OH)24 (0.0001 g/l).

The "Water" product contains 0.1 g/l of fullerenol C60(OH)24. We declare that our product is a concentrate that must be diluted with water for consumption. We do not recommend to use it as it is.

Let's presume a calculation where 1 drop (0.08 ml) contains 0.008 mg of fullerenol, in 10 drops - 0.08 mg of fullerenol C60(OH)24 (10 drops is a calculation for 75 kg / 165 pounds of body weight).

For consumption, we recommend to dilute this quantity per 1 liter of water, as a result we will have concentration about 0.00008 g/l, which corresponds to maximum antiradical activity and the concentration is guaranteed to be non-toxic.

To calculate your personal dosage, use the ratio of 2 drops of "Water" per 35 pounds / 15 kg of bodyweight and don't forget to dilute the calculated amount in about a liter of potable water.

The toxicity, according to research, appears at concentrations of higher than 1 g / L in vivo.

Therefore, even with a minimal dilution of our solution, for example, in 100 ml of water, you get a guaranteed non-toxic concentration.

If you take "Water" without diluting, you will exceed the recommended concentration, according to the most rigorous research. But if you translate these numbers into the amount of the active substance, then one vial contains too little of it to cause any harm to the body. We experimented with taking the product without diluting and did not observe any visible effects. We also wrote that the risk of a real overdose may arise when taking 333 vials of the product at the same time without diluting, something that we absolutely do not recommend doing. Our recommendation is to observe the dosages indicated on the box, label and our website.

For our product, we only use medical grade, distilled water, which is made in the USA.
What type of fullerenol do we use
There are many polyhydroxylated fullerenes, the main difference for which is the number of hydroxyl groups on the molecule or the so-called degree of hydroxylation. The dependence of biological properties and toxic effects with the degree of hydroxylation remains one of the unresolved issues at the moment, but the main thesis can be presented as follows:

Fullerenols with <16 hydroxyl groups are more toxic than more hydroxylated fullerenols, while fullerenols with> 40 hydroxyl groups have less pronounced biological properties. For the manufacture of "Water", we chose C60 (OH) 24 as one of the most promising and studied fullerenols.

Further, it should be clarified that various synthesis methods can be used to attach hydroxyl groups to the fullerene surface, some of them include the use of toxic solvents and reagents, such as toluene, dichlorobenzene TBAH etc. We have chosen a more technically difficult path, which allows us to avoid the use of solvents, thereby excluding their presence in the final product.

It is no longer a secret that dialysis is successfully used to purify water-soluble fullerene derivatives. However, previously used purification methods have included recrystallization in solvents such as methanol and diethyl ether, which can also detrimentally affect the biological properties of the final product. Reorienting production towards dialysis, although it is costly, allows us to be confident in the purity and safety of our product for the human body.
Lack of effect
The apparent lack of effect from taking "Water" is due to several things. The "water" contains ultra-small quantities of fullerenol nanomolecules, which must be taken for 1 week to 3 months until a noticeable effect appears. Depending on your body's individual characteristics, it may appear after a few days of admission, or maybe after 2 months. Therefore, it is impossible to draw final conclusions even after 1 month of drinking water. This may be due to the cumulative effect and impact on the body over time. Also, a possible reason for the lack of visible effect could be the use of other supplements, while enhancing their effect. (confirmed by research that states that fullerenol enhances the effect of other drugs.) "Water" works for the benefit of your health every day and has a wide range of positive and preventive effects, but It is also possible that due to personal attributes, you might not feel a tangible effect here and now due to the fact , that for you the dosage may be higher or the period of admission to achieve the effect may be longer. In some cases, people quickly got used to the positive effect and perceived it as a natural state, but after the end of the admission, people began to feel that something is missing and the condition worsened. Only after returning to regular intake, they clearly felt the positive effect and wrote to us about it.
To date, there have been no cases of overdose. Studies on fullerenol overdose indicate unimaginably high doses required to achieve a visible negative effect on the human body. Based on research, you would need to drink 333 vials of "Water" at once without diluting with water or other liquids for an overdose. Nevertheless, we must warn you that in no case should you drink 333 bottles of "Water" without diluting. It is better to stretch them over 27 years and get a lot of benefit for your body.
Side effects
By itself, "Water" does not cause side effects, since it is not an allergen and is ingested in ultra-low dosages. Side effects associated with the use of "Water" can be caused by individual characteristics of the body and are extremely rare. This could be:

● Frequent stools.

This effect can also be caused by drinking increased amounts of water. Try to reduce dosage to a quarter of the dose and return to the full dose gradually.

● Increased agitation.

In rare cases, a feeling of agitation and restlessness can occur, which can be associated with a huge number of reasons in our life. We also recommend reducing the dosage to a quarter and returning to the full does within 5-10 days.

● Dizziness and panic attacks

We have recorded a case and therefore we mention it. You need to start with a reduced dosage and gradually come to a full dose within 5-10 days. This is hypersensitivity to the active substance, which is very rare and is not something dangerous to your health. If you feel dizzy, just sit or lie down for 10 minutes and it will go away without side effects. Next time, start with a quarter of the dose and gradually come to full dosage within 10 days. This condition occurs only for the first time and disappears when the dosage is reduced and will no longer manifest itself even when the increased dosage is returned. Although you might have felt uncomfortable for a few minutes, you've acquired confirmation that "Water" supplement works, unlike many other supplements on the market.

● Rash, itching

To date, we have not recorded any cases of an itch and or rash after taking "Biofullerene Water", but if such a case occurs, we can positively declare that it is a singular, extremely rare reaction to the active substance or a combination of substances by the body. Fullerenol in itself is not an allergen and cannot cause rashes or itching, but under certain conditions, when combined with other drugs, this effect can actually occur from any vitamin or supplement. Therefore, do not immediately blame "Water" for the side effects, but simply pause the intake and try again after a few days. Most likely, the itching and rash will go away and will not return.

Package quality
We pack our product in our own production facility, without involving third parties, which guarantees control over the process. We can confidently state that "Water" is not exposed to direct sunlight and has no mechanical damage evident at the time of shipment from our US warehouse to the recipient. Next, we use the services of a trusted logistical service so that you receive the product in the form in which it left our warehouse.
Lack of toxicity or potential toxicity
The creation of our product is based on scientific research and the achievements of scientific and technological progress. We created the product and checked all possible sources of information to eliminate the possibility of a negative effect and maximize the positive effect of the "Water" supplement. The toxicity of our fullerenol is impossible due to the absence of toxic elements in its production. We do not use solvents or other toxic substances. In addition to fullerenol, we use only distilled, medical water. The concentration has been proven and tested by numerous studies over the years in dozens of scientific laboratories around the world. In this regard, we, relying on all available scientific data, have created the safest and most effective product of all.
Sunlight and its effects
There is scientific evidence that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the fullerenol in the product to oxidize. This leads to a deterioration in the quality of the product up to complete neutralization of its positive effects. This does not make it harmful or dangerous, but simply useless to take. Therefore, we recommend keeping it away from sunlight at home or in a car, and we ourselves strictly monitor this during production and packaging. We guarantee that "Water" will not be exposed to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight when shipped from our US warehouse.
List of effects
Here we list almost all the positive effects and sensations that our product has on your body in accordance with fullerenol research from over the past 13 years, customer reviews and our own research. You can find a complete list of literature on the topic, after research of which we began to create the "Water" supplement, in the section "Research."

With the daily intake of "Water", you can feel a surge of strength and energy, notice an improvement in sleep and overall physical and psychological conditions. Falling asleep may become easier, and anxiety may leave you permanently. You will be able to feel the restoration of your vitality, as if your battery is 100% charged again. You can improve your mental and athletics performance; forget about old sores that haunted you. Also, the effect of other drugs that you are taking may increase and give more effect.

Even if, for some reason, you did not notice a strong noticeable effect, then look at what research from leading scientists around the world has shown us and how much a small molecule can do for the human body.

The most important, fundamental property of "Water" and fullerenol is its antioxidant activity. It is tens of times more effective than antioxidants widely used in medicine, such as vitamins C and E. As a "radical trap", "Water" can neutralize more than 20 free radicals with one molecule. It has been shown to be a 100 of times more effective than all other currently known antioxidants.

Free radicals are unpaired oxygen molecules that occur in the human body from any negative impact, such as smoking, stress at work or unhealthy diet, and in lower amounts, as an error of some biological processes.

According to the free radical theory of aging, first described in 1956, free radicals destroy cells in the body over time. Various studies and theories have linked the development of many diseases and premature aging to oxidative stress due to free radicals.

The chemistry of free radicals is designed in such a way that once formed, they are involved in a chain of consecutive reactions, the result of which is the formation of even more amounts of free radicals. Thus, they accumulate in the human body with age and can be catalysts for, so-called, age-related diseases.

According to research, fullerenol has shown positive results and can be considered as a remedy in the fight against age-related diseases such as:
  • Central nervous system diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia;
  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and cancer; Cataracts and age-related visual impairment;
  • Age-related changes in appearance such as loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles, gray hair, hair loss and changes in hair texture;
  • Diabetes;
  • Genetic degenerative diseases such as Huntington's disease or Parkinson's disease.

According to research, that you can see in the "research" section, on all the diseases listed above, Fullerenol, due to its unique properties, has shown excellent results and can be considered as a preventive or therapeutic supplement.

In addition, "Water" increases the resistance of cell membranes and is an excellent adaptogen, thereby increasing the body's nonspecific resistance to a wide range of harmful effects of physical, chemical and biological nature.

In addition, we analyzed and took into account articles with good fullerenol feedback:
  • As an antiviral drug
  • To protect the BBB (blood-brain barrier) and recovery after ischemia
  • Positive effect on the intestinal microbiota
  • Protective properties against the toxicity of dirty air
  • Preventing the development of skin diseases and skin aging
  • Fights multiple sclerosis
  • Reduces the possibility of a heart attack and minimize its negative consequences
  • Reduces stress after strong toxic poisons
  • Fight against atherosclerosis and its onset
  • Effective against osteoporosis
  • Effective against thrombosis

In summary, we can assume that Water has the following properties:
  1. Increase the resistance of cell membranes to damaging factors
  2. Has a positive effect on the antioxidant and energy systems of the body
  3. Possesses radioprotective properties by suppressing excess levels of free radicals
  4. Possesses strong and long-term antihistamine and anti-allergic action.
  5. Increase adaptogenic functions of the body
  6. Has a positive neuroprotective and non-specific analgesic effects
  7. Has oncoprotective activity
  8. Possesses anti-atherosclerotic and hypotensive properties
  9. Has a wide range of antibacterial ~ and antiviral ~ activity
  10. Is able to have an antispasmodic effect
  11. Possesses bronchodilator and nootropic activities

To see the versatile effectiveness of "Water" for yourself, we invite you to study the "research" section and discover further interesting information.

Taste, color, smell, consistency
"Water" in its pure form has practically no taste or smell. In consistency, it is indistinguishable from ordinary water, but in color, it has a yellowish tint. May contain slight sediment, which is normal, so we recommend shaking it before use. When diluted in 8,5 oz/250 ml of water, that is, in one glass, even 20 drops (meant for 150 kg/330 pounds of a person's weight), the color, taste and smell will completely disappear and it will be almost impossible to distinguish a glass with "Water" from ordinary water.
What can it be mixed with besides water?
We recommend mixing "Water" only with water, preferably with one liter of water (see the instructions on the can or box or the dosage question in the Q&A section) and drink it throughout the day. We do not recommend mixing "Water" with juices, sodas, or other beverages. We strongly do not recommend diluting in alcohol, since fullerenol is insoluble in alcohol and can precipitate.
What and how to use. Accessible and simple.
We suggest diluting 2 drops of "Water" per 35 pounds / 15 kg of bodyweight in one liter, or half a liter, or even a glass of water. It is advisable to drink water throughout the day, therefore it is ideal to dilute it in one liter of water and drink it throughout the day. Therefore, if your weight is 135 pounds / 60 kg, you need to put 8 drops into one liter of water and drink throughout the day. If it is more convenient for you to drink in one time, you can dilute 8 drops in one glass of water and drink it at once. We recommend shaking the "Water" vial before mixing with water.
Start your day with a glass of water. Start your day with BioFullerene.
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