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Elena Sashina

Based on the results from numerous studies in leading scientific centers around the world, it can be reasoned that fullerene and products based on it are the strongest antioxidants. In this regard, they are many times superior to all drugs widely used in medicine.

Marina Naumenko

Biofullerene has a strong anti-inflammatory and skin regenerative effect. When we analyze the results from treating patients, we see that in many cases the results exceed our expectations. In particular, the herpes virus sores disappear twice as fast when Biofullerene concentrate is applied on the skin and does not appear at all with constant intake… Continue reading Marina Naumenko

Nik Podolsky

Since their discovery fullerenes have attracted the interest of scientists from various fields of science and technology. Every year the biological activity of fullerenes and their derivatives present new potential applications for the treatment and maintenance of living organisms.